Exclusive, for Kongworking's residents only
Date: 04.11.2022–06.11.2022
Have you ever heard about 《Usakhelauri》?
It's one of the rarest wines on the planet & one of the most wanted in Georgia, made from grapes that only grow in a small micro-zone - Lechkhumi.

This semi-sweet wine is of the highest quality and ensures a fantastic taste experience
  • 250 gel
  • 3 days
    Being on a tour
  • Georgian traditions
    Tour type
"Rtveli" (a traditional Georgian harvest holiday) in Lechkhumi
Collect the Usakhelauri grapes with your own hands
Catch a fish in the breathtaking Green Lake in Kulbaki for our Friday dinner
Reach the sky & enjoy a picnic
at the mysterious Khvamli mountain
Be a part of the famous Georgian 《Supra》 accompanied
by a folklore ensemble
I day (04th of November)
We start from Gorgasali 9 (Kongworking) at 9 am. We will pass through the beautiful Imereti, stop at the view point and in three and a half hours we will find ourselves in the town of Okureshi. This is a place of power. We will celebrate it with dinner at the trout farm, after which we will be accommodated in one of three hotels: Khvamli 2002, Gallery.
II Day (05th of November)
Mount Khvamli. Rtveli. Feast.

We will spend the morning of this day on the magical mountain Khvamli with beautiful views of the Okureshi valley. We will walk 2 kilometers, meet the dawn, have a picnic at the foot and then go to the vineyards to help the winegrowers harvest and touch the ancient Georgian traditions of Rtveli.
We will celebrate the evening of the festive day with a large national feast, with the performance of folk songs and many-voiced singing. During Rtveli, we will open Qvevri and treat ourselves with Usakhelauri wine in order to free the vessels for the new harvest.
III Day (06th of November)
Hangover breakfast. Walk around Tsageri. Departure
  • Enchanting three days, that will immerse you to the wonderful world of Georgian traditions for a special price of just 250 GEL*

    *This offer is only available for our residents with abonnements > 10 days & includes
    • Transfer & accommodation in a traditional Guest House
    • Memorable ambience with outstanding food & drinks, a fish & Farewell dinner
    • A professional team of Foto & Videoproduction
Hurry up to register, only 15 places are available!
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